My Studio has moved to Santa Barbara!

My Studio,, has officially relocated to SB. I’m very grateful to be sharing a space with the kindhearted and oh-so-talented, Matt Knoles. First session went splendidly. Here’s to many good things to come!


Sophomore Album From Dr. C and the White Magic Band is Here!

Jimmy and I have finished our second album. We learned a lot from our first one and hopefully improved our product significantly from our first release. Take a listen for free at our Bandcamp site. My current favorite tracks are 1, 5, 8.

Familiar Souls album is out!


“Familiar Souls” CD wrapping up!


Another album is wrapped up! “Familiar Souls” is out on Bandcamp NOW. Soon it’ll be on CD and iTunes too. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of producing a 12-song album for Jimmy Campos. A retired school principal, he is an excellent song-writer and a true pleasure to work with. He’s using the band name “Dr. C and the White Magic Band” for the album. After delivering the final mixes, here’s what he had to say:

My verdict is that it sounds great.  You’ve taken a so-so singer and made him sound pretty good.  Your production is unfailingly excellent.  I don’t think I can be much happier.  All the songs meet my vision for them.  You’ve done a great, great job.

Can’t thank you enough,

I mostly agree. He’s actually a great singer. I’ve played a few early mixes for some of my musical friends and everyone loves his emotive, retro vocal ability. It’s very soothing and easy to listen to. Some of these songs have been chained up in a binder for 35 years and they’re finally seeing the light of day. The world will be a better place.


This album was a fun challenge for me. Other than the vocals and a few of Jimmy’s acoustic guitar tracks, I played everything…mixed everything…and even did the artwork layout (which was highly helped by Jimmy’s talented artist friend, John Tissot). Lastly, I will also be mastering the album here at Good Times Recording Studio. A new venture!

Clark CD Release Party – July 23 at Zoey’s

“The Day Before the Fall” is Clark’s second album and it is out digitally right now, right HERE! The physical CD’s will be formally released on July 23 and we’re having a big live show with full band to celebrate! You don’t want to miss a great night of excellent food and folky-rock goodness. Get your table reservation now! Zoey’s is the best music venue in Ventura but it is small and will fill up fast! Go here or call 805 652-1137

Clark is an acoustic act which sways between hum-able lush harmonies and intimate, poetic melodies. “Gabriel Clark Friley and Dana Friley reside in the central coast of California. For this July release of Clark’s sophomore album, “The Day Before The Fall”, the dynamic vocal duo put their heads together to evoke a sunny California summer. While the first Clark album, “Here Comes Tomorrow” is the perfect lullaby-for-adults record of gentle finger picking acoustic guitars and Gabriel’s lush vocal melodies, Clark’s timeless Americana initiative in this celebratory release marries vocal harmonies reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel and the tremolo electric guitarsof 60’s surf rock. Gabriel and Dana channel their love of classic sounds found in The Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Mamas & The Papas, while maintaining their folk familiarity. For this project Clark enlists Tad Wagner (Buellton / Hughes & Wagner), Andy White (Good Times Recording), and Johnny, Johnny Lane (The Dean Martin Show / Follow Me Boys / Carol Channing).” SB County band – Acoustic / Folk / Healing & EasyListening.
Limited seating. Dinner reservations gets a table 805 652-1137

New Clark Album Sent to Mastering!

I’m very excited to have another album finished. “The Day Before the Fall” is the second album from Clark and it is a really great collection of folky/Americana songs, full of hope and honesty, that you will just want to loop all summer long. Stay tuned for a June release!

Clark is a part of the Silent Film Records label.

Band members include: Gabe Friley, Dana Friley, Tad Wagner, Brad Friley and me.

Evensong Project album released!

Chris Mundell and I have been working on a collection of his original worship songs for many years now. I’m proud to finally announce that the 11-song album entitled “Evensong Project” digitally dropped on the world yesterday! Honest lyrics, catchy melodies and lush harmonies are melded together with rootsy folk and ambient rock. Some rhymic mid-tempo rockers are mixed in with the classic meditative tunes you’d expect from Mundell.

Band members included: Erik Herzog, Brad McCarter, Matt Knoles, Jennifer Miller Schatz, Dan Patterson, Angela White, Matt Wood, Chris Mundell and myself.

If you like Iron & Wine, Sufjan Stevens, Evan Wickham, Coldplay, Wilco or Chris Tomlin then you’d probably like this album.

It’s available for immediate download here:

New website for Good Times Recording!

I’m very excited to get this new website for my studio, “Good Times Recording” up on the interwebs. Chris Mundell and I are just barely getting this off the ground, but it will soon be updated with lots of pertinent info on my humble studio!